New Clinical Brief: Team-Based Coaching Intervention to Improve Contrast-Associated Acute Kidney Injury: A Cluster Randomized Trial.

In the link below you will find a summary of the clinical study from the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, March 2023.

CVi Clinical Brief (Team-Based Coaching Intervention to Improve Contrast-Associated Acute Kidney Injury A Cluster Randomized Trial)

The study discusses novel strategies to reduce post-procedural AKI incidence post-cardiac catheterization. This implementation trial estimates that the combination of Collaborative with Surveillance reduced the odds of AKI by 46% at VAMCs and is suggestive of a reduction among patients with CKD.

To review the full study, please click on this weblink:


Live Case with ACIST HDi, High Tech Congress in France

Last week at High Tech Cardio in Marseille, we were delighted to witness Pr Farzin Beygui from CHU Caen present a live in-box case featuring ACIST HDi® IVUS. The case underscored the significance of using 60 MHz IVUS for complex lesion procedures, in this particular case in conjunction with BBraun and Shockwave technologies.

We’re anticipating the congress organization to release the video for external use, and once they do, we’ll share it with you.

Reach out to the ACIST Marketing Team at  for any questions you have – we’re always happy to support!

IVUS guided bifurcation PCI

We’re pleased to inform you that we’ve expanded our collection of available case recordings, introducing a new video ‘IVUS Guided Bifurcation PCI; moderated by Dr. Joost Daemen from Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

This new video covers a comprehensive range of topics related to the use of HD IVUS in complex cases from fundamental principles to practical applications in guiding interventional procedures in bifurcations for improved patient outcome.

Watch the video if you want to learn more about

  • The advantages of HDi IVUS
  • Potential limits and possible prognostic impact of angiography in displaying crucial anatomical patient information
  • To understand the principles of imaging and HD intravascular ultrasound’s (IVUS) role in lesion assessment and stent placement
  • To get to know new features of HDi IVUS
  • To be able to plan your interventional strategy according to IVUS-guided measurements in Bifurcation PCI
  • To understand the importance of accurate lesion assessment and optimal stent placement in achieving successful outcomes for patients undergoing PCI procedures.
  • The advantages of pre- and post PCI IVUS measurements
  • Optimal MSA after PCI


You can find the recording here:


‘Zero-Contrast PCI Using HD IVUS and Physiological Guidance’ by Dr J.Daemen, Dr A.Jeremias & Dr Z.Ali

Watch this informative video that explores the innovative approach of performing zero-contrast percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) using advanced medical technologies and best practices.

Learn from interventional experts Dr Joost Daemen, Dr Allen Jeremias and Dr Ziad Ali as they review this innovative approach through a case-based discussion.

The faculty will guide you through the utilisation of cutting-edge tools, including the HDi® HD IVUS system and Kodama catheter, along with the RXi® system and Navvus®II microcatheter when performing zero-contrast PCI procedures.

A MUST-WATCH VIDEO to gain insights into a novel approach that enhances care delivery while mitigating the impact of contrast supply shortages.

HD IVUS Guidance in PCI as Standard of Care

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Clinical data shows that routine use of intravascular imaging improves clinical outcomes of patients undergoing PCI. It delivers critical anatomical information pre and post-stenting. Thereby, HD-IVUS enables “high-precision” interventional therapy. Intravascular imaging should become the standard of care, not just for complex PCI procedural guidance.

  • To learn about the advantages and disadvantages of IVUS vs OCT
  • To learn the limits of angiography in displaying crucial anatomical information in your patient and its potential prognostic impact
  • To get to know new features of HD-IVUS such as co-registration with angiography
  • To be able to plan your interventional strategy according to IVUS-guided measurements


Faculty Biographies

Christoph Hammerstingl  Prof. Christoph Hammerstingl

Prof Christoph Hammerstingl is head of the department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Eduardus Hospital in Cologne. He started his career at the University Hospital in Bonn, where he established interventional echocardiography since 2010 for the treatment of mitral and tricuspid valve disease. As an interventionalist he proctored structural cases all over Europe and North America. He has over 150 scientific publications focussed on the outcomes of minimal invasive therapies of the AV valves, interventional and medical strategies for stroke prevention.

Alexander Völz  Dr. Alexander Völz

Dr Alexander Völz is a consultant interventional cardiologist at Eduardus Hospital, Cologne, DE. He is Head of the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory.

Dr Völz completed his medical training at GFO-Kliniken Bonn, Germany, where he specialised in interventional cardiology and cardiac imaging (Cardiac MRI and echocardiography). Dr Völz is a member of the European and German Society of Cardiology and part of the Editorial Review Team of PCR MyToolkit.


If you have questions:



New Saline Pump for ACIST CVi®


All new CVi systems that are delivered now come with he new Saline Pump.  The new pump has a more intuitive and reproducible loading mechanism of tubing and a spring loading clamping which eliminates the need for user adjustments to avoid over-clamping or under-clamping.

Similarly, all repairs requiring pump replacement will also receive the new article.

The technical service teams are also informed, and a new service memo has been shared with them including repair instructions. The User Manual has also been updated and we’re working on updating the Quick Guides in all languages and we will share these with you when they become available.

A small note: The new pump has a 1.9 ml / s, so make sure the syringe is completely empty before you start flushing the system during setup to avoid overfilling the syringe in the 10 seconds flush.

For further information: New Saline Pump for ACIST CVi – Instruction Video

 If you have questions:



EuroPCR 2024

EuroPCR Recap: A Great Year for Imaging

This year’s EuroPCR exceeded our expectations, particularly with the prominent role Imaging played throughout the sessions. The Course Directors aptly described Imaging as “the eyes of the Heart Team,” and this was evident in its emphasis across various clinical scenarios. With three times more Imaging sessions than last year, our marketing team made it a priority to attend as many as possible, including the key  Angiography and Physiology sessions. Don’t miss their insights on Wednesday, May 29, during the “Cases over Coffee” call, where they’ll share clinical updates, trends, and market information.

Our booth was buzzing with activity, drawing interest from global  customers and  attendees.  We greatly appreciate the efforts of our global distribution partners in bringing your customers to our booth for demonstrations of our technologies! There were many leads captured, all  of which have already been  forwarded to the respective sales person.

Event Highlights:

  • Distributor Dinner: On Monday, we hosted our Annual Distribution Partner Dinner at the beautiful Maison de la Recherche, welcoming over 35 attendees. This event is one of the highlights of our week, providing a delightful evening that felt like reuniting with old friends and fostering meaningful connections. This year, we were also honored to have Dr. Ali from St. Francis Heart Center in New York share insights on how their cath labs utilize our systems in their daily practice.




  • Excellence Awards: A key moment of the evening was the presentation of the Excellence Awards, celebrating some of  our top performing distributors. This year’s awards went to:


      • OPM Medical (Panama)
      • DDM (Mexico) 
      • Al Umnia (UAE)
      • Ewopharma (Bulgaria)
      • Mark Medical (Balkans)





We enjoyed the evening spent together and we look forward to another successful year.

We would like to thank all our global distributors for everything you do each day in driving the business forward. We appreciate you!




HDi at India Live

Our distributor manager Frederik Dupan, has recently returned from India, where he attended the India Live congress held in New Delhi. Recognized as the largest interventional cardiology congress in South East Asia, India Live is organized in collaboration with the India CHIP CTO Meeting. During this congress, ACIST HDi® HD IVUS was introduced to the Indian interventional cardiology community.

Dr. Ziad Ali (St Francis Hospital, New York) chaired the ‘Optimizing Complex PCI with IVUS Imaging’ symposium alongside distinguished Indian physicians as panelists.

Additionally, many attendees visited the booth of our distribution partner @Translumina for a demonstration of the HDi system.

A big thank you Translumina for all your efforts and we are excited about the opportunities to grow the ACIST HDi IVUS market in India!

HDi IVUS Training Kosovo

11 physicians and 4 nurses of University Clinical Center of  Kosovo completed their HDi IVUS training session and the enthusiasm and dedication from these talented professionals to further their skills to provide enhanced care to their patients was truly commendable.

We would like to thank Prof Daut Gorani and his exceptional team for their strong commitment, engagement and support.

We especially would like to thank Arian Haxhijaha from our distributor partner Opharm for the great organization of this training. We look forward to continuing this journey of growth in Kosovo together!


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