New Docuseries: Scattered Denial

New docuseries ‘Scattered Denial’

We would like to share with you a new tool that has been recently launched by ORSIF (Occupational Radiation Safety in Interventional Fluoroscopy) and is available for our customers, and that discusses the occupational hazards in the cath lab.

It is a docuseries entitled “Scattered Denial” which explores the occupational hazards that cardiovascular interventionalists and teams face.

You can  find it at

This program is divided into 6 episodes:

  • Episode 1:  The Radiation Problem
  • Episode 2:  The History of Radiation in Heart and Vascular Disease
  • Episode 3:  Radiation Induced Cancers?
  • Episode 4:  The Orthopedic Problem
  • Episode 5:  Potential Solutions
  • Episode 6:  Do We Care?

The content is a great educational tool that addresses the occupational hazards that our customers face related to radiation and orthopedic injury. The insightful commentary on the explicit needs related to taking all measures to optimize the physical working environment and, increase awareness at the administrative and system level is compelling and provides a foundation for productive value based conversations.

As we think more about showing the value of our products, this is a great tool to show how the ACIST CVi® can help with reducing radiation exposure as well as orthopedic stress for the doctors and staff, and how other tools like Imaging and Physiology can also further simplify the procedures and decrease reliance on the angiograms.

For further information, contact the ACIST marketing team at


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