Distributor Dinner Paris

How much we enjoyed the ACIST Distributor Dinner that took place on Monday 15 May! Thank you to everyone who made it to Paris – it was an absolute pleasure to see you all again.


During the dinner, the annual Excellence Awards were also presented. The 2022 awards went to:

Merce V Electromedicina (Spain)

Ewopharma (Bulgaria)

DDM (Mexico)

Camir (Chile)

and Al Emara (Kuwait).

Once again, heartfelt congratulations to all!

The wonderful evening on Monday, was the start of a busy week of EuroPCR, where ACIST colleagues, distributors and customers were constantly on the move to promote our technologies among peers and to join a wide range of interesting scientific sessions, many of which were filled to the brim.

More to come on another great edition of EuroPCR soon! For an update on the scientific sessions, tune in to our ‘Clinical Sessions Update’ on Wednesday 7th June 15.30-17.30 CET


ACIST CVi | The Journey to Success: Dr. Alston´s Inspiring Story

ACIST CVi | The Journey to Success: Dr. Maurice Alston´s Inspiring Story


Are you looking for inspiration to make a compelling case for investing in the ACIST CVi? Or are you looking for a success story to inspire your next new account?

Read about Dr. Maurice Alston’s, Interventional Cardiologist at Tennova Medical Center in Tennessee, experience with reducing CI-AKI incidences through the adoption of the CVi system.

The article details Dr. Alston´s experience with contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI) and the challenges faced while using the hand manifold. It discusses the importance of limiting contrast volume to prevent CI-AKI and the benefits of using the ACIST CVi, which allows for easy adjustment of contrast flow and volume, also featuring the air column detection sensor to prevent air embolism.

What I found particularly inspiring about this article is how Dr. Alston was able to convince his hospital to invest in and adopt the CVi System, resulting in a reduction in AKI incidences. The article also touches on the challenges faced during the transition to the CVi System, and Dr. Alston´s effort to get other physicians to reduce their contrast volume settings.

Read Dr. Alston´s journey and learn how to convince your next new hospital to invest in the ACIST CVi. I highly recommend to read this article.


The link will also be added to Pulse and the  Distributor Portal under: Angiography > Promotional Tools

Best regards,

Johann Neudorf

Product Manager – Angiography EMEA

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