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28 April 2021

Just like other countries, the Balkan countries were hit hard by COVID in 2020. Against this backdrop, the accomplishments of Mark Medical have even been more remarkable.

Mark Medical, our long-term distributor for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and since recently also Montenegro, sold 12 CVi systems in 2020 of which 10 directly and 2 through OEMS. This is double what was expected and also the reason that Mark Medical won an Award for Excellence in CVi Capital Sales at the 2021 EMEA Distributor Sales Meeting last February.

One of Mark Medical’s 2020 projects, was 2 CVi installations in a COVID hospital that was built in only a few  months. In July 2020, Serbian Authorities took the decision to fund the construction of 2 new COVID hospitals to    separate COVID patients from other patients to decrease the impact on the entire healthcare system. A total of 1,500 beds, 200 ICU beds and 2 new cath labs were fully equipped to treat cardiovascular diseases. The installation of the new equipment took place in October while the hospital was still under construction and with COVID patients already dwelling inside. Luca Vagnarelli, Business Director at Mark Medical, talks about this project in this video:

Frits Kramer, Business Manager

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