Live Case with ACIST HDi, High Tech Congress in France

Last week at High Tech Cardio in Marseille, we were delighted to witness Pr Farzin Beygui from CHU Caen present a live in-box case featuring ACIST HDi® IVUS. The case underscored the significance of using 60 MHz IVUS for complex lesion procedures, in this particular case in conjunction with BBraun and Shockwave technologies.

We’re anticipating the congress organization to release the video for external use, and once they do, we’ll share it with you.

Reach out to the ACIST Marketing Team at  for any questions you have – we’re always happy to support!

IVUS guided bifurcation PCI

We’re pleased to inform you that we’ve expanded our collection of available case recordings, introducing a new video ‘IVUS Guided Bifurcation PCI; moderated by Dr. Joost Daemen from Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

This new video covers a comprehensive range of topics related to the use of HD IVUS in complex cases from fundamental principles to practical applications in guiding interventional procedures in bifurcations for improved patient outcome.

Watch the video if you want to learn more about

  • The advantages of HDi IVUS
  • Potential limits and possible prognostic impact of angiography in displaying crucial anatomical patient information
  • To understand the principles of imaging and HD intravascular ultrasound’s (IVUS) role in lesion assessment and stent placement
  • To get to know new features of HDi IVUS
  • To be able to plan your interventional strategy according to IVUS-guided measurements in Bifurcation PCI
  • To understand the importance of accurate lesion assessment and optimal stent placement in achieving successful outcomes for patients undergoing PCI procedures.
  • The advantages of pre- and post PCI IVUS measurements
  • Optimal MSA after PCI


You can find the recording here:


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