Thank you to everyone who joined our virtual ACIST Global Sales Meeting on 7 and 8 February!

Our objective was to give you a pleasant online learning experience with a mix of studio presentations and videos, combined with interactive Q & A sessions and Award Ceremony.

The positive feedback we received from many of you after the meeting, gives us confidence that we succeeded in our objective and that makes us very happy.  Nevertheless -and we know many of you think the same-, we hope that we can get back to enjoying each other’s company during a live Global Sales Meeting, and that is our goal for 2023!

The presentations and videos of the sales meeting will be made available on this portal under the folder  ‘DSM Meeting 2022’  gradually in the next couple of weeks.

We would like to say a special word of thanks to Yotam Eisenberg, Pavel Kalinski, Luca Vagnarelli and Milenko Indjic from our distribution partners in Israel, Bulgaria and the Balkans, for your time and effort in making the Distributor Success Story videos. Your videos were very much appreciated, not only by the ACIST team but also by the other distributors who told us how valuable it is to them to learn from the experience from fellow distributors.

Hope to see you all in person soon, maybe at EuroPCR and otherwise at our next sales meeting!

Best regards,

Marilene den Exter Blokland

Manager, International Marketing Communications and Events

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