Optimizing PCI using FFR and HD-IVUS

The successful HDi webinar series from Erasmus MC Rotterdam with Dr. Joost Daemen en Jurgen Ligthart will continue on Wednesday 6 July!

Click here to register your customers:  HDI WEBINAR AT ERASMUS MEDICAL CENTER ON 6 JULY 2022

The Optimizing PCI using FFR and HD-IVUS training program is an interactive educational program that is designed for physicians who want to further develop their intravascular ultrasound and physiology skills with a specific focus on step-by-step HD IVUS and FFR guided PCI.

The webinar on 6 July will focus on The Benefits of HDi in Acute Coronary Syndrome with learning objectives:

  • Learn to recognize unstable or ruptured plaque using HD IVUS
  • Learn to appreciate reference segments in ACS lesions
  • Guide plaque optimization in thrombotic lesions


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