Dear Partners,

Over the past months, I have been so grateful for the incredible work the ACIST team has done, especially in light of such unusual 16 months.

COVID-19 caused disruption in our lives, but it also marks a time of adapting and pushing through many obstacles. We have learned a great deal from this experience: how to work remotely, the importance of communicating often -openly and compassionately- and most of all, what our dedicated, innovative and talented team can achieve even during several lockdowns and disruptions. We got everyone up and running on new remote tools, rolled out a full new training program, met major product program milestones in every modality, and we launched new technologies with Navvus II, dPR and AT X65.

Physiology: Navvus II and dPR

With the launch of Navvus II and dPR last year, customers benefit from the advantages of the microcatheter technology in combination with a non-hyperemic index for coronary physiology, along with the benefits to perform FFR, Pd/Pa and dPR calculations. Feedback from our customers has been incredibly positive and they have expressed how they can feel the difference when using Navvus II.

Angiography: AT X65

The launch of AT X65 earlier this year signaled the first new technology launch for CVi in the last 10+ years. For years, one of our top customer objections has been the lack of confidence in the hemodynamic signal. We now have an answer to that with AT X65 as it can provide a more defined hemodynamic signal with a visible dicrotic notch.  Additionally, we have placed two rotating luers at either end of the tubing to minimize torque and enhance control of the catheter for an easier workflow. And, shelf life has been doubled to two years which we know is a huge help for our distributor partners. As we look forward, AT X65 provides a starting point for our strategic goal of expanding into other cardiac procedures.  Hemodynamic signals and pressure readings are vital for TAVR and other structural heart procedures, so AT X65 will be key in opening the door for these important conversations with customers.  Conversions to ATX 65 are on the rise with new customers across the globe coming on board every day.

It is not just the ACIST team that inspires me, it’s also our distributors who have persevered. We know it was not an easy year, but we saw you engaging with us and our customers in so many ways. I would like to sincerely thank all of you for your efforts in the past year and your continued commitment to our customers and our patients. We are well on our way to impacting 3.5 million lives this year!

As vaccination rates grow across the world, and we are gaining more consistent access to the cath lab, the ACIST team are more out in the field again. We have also seen the return of live conferences and it won’t be long before we start preparations for our 2022 Distributor Meeting, a live edition if all goes well, and we will be excited to share more about that after summer.

I hope you, your family and all of your loved ones continue to stay safe.

My best,

Kristen Knox

SVP & General Manager


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