21 May, 2021

A great achievement of BIOSUD, ACIST’s partner in Argentina and Uruguay!  Dealing with virtual training and installation of medical equipment isn’t an easy task but our BIOSUD friends took up the challenge and showed us it is possible and it can be a real success.

From BioSud’s LinkedIn page:


ACIST Medical Systems the best contrast injector for hemodynamic procedures now available in URUGUAY 🇺🇾

➡ We thank Dr. Daniel Mallo and Dr. Ricardo Lluberas for the cardiocentro and INCI services in the city of Montevideo for their trust in this technology. And to all the medical and nursing staff that participate in the installation with remote support of both teams with excellent predisposition and professionalism.

CARDIOCENTRO: Dr Sebastian Lluberas, Dr Margot amaro, Dr Andres Tuzman, Dr. Leandro Jubany, Dr. Juan Albistur, Lic Irina Fomichov, Enf. Pablo Pereyra, Enf. Fernando Busanerllo

INCI: Dr Leandro Jubany, Dra Carolina Artucio Arcelus, Dr Juan Albistur, Dr. Sebastián Lluberas, Dr. Andrés Tuzman, Dra. Margot Amaro Lic Wendy Sánchez, Enf. Santiago Rodriguez, Enf. Pedro Nuñez, Enf. Juan Camera, Enf. Gustavo Castro, Enf. Sandra Mesa

➡ Finally a special thanks to Mónica Rosso and the entire group of Biosud UY Gabriel Cosentino, Karina De Marco, Laura Marcela Gomez Castillo who participated in the installation, processes and procedures in the room.

Great teamwork 💯
Stefano Serravalle
Pascual Zamora
Sergio Delafore
Maria Beatriz Raggio
Pablo Oviedo

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Congratulations to the BioSud team!

Stefano Serravalle, Business Manager The Americas

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