Thank you! A message from our GM, Kristen Knox

Dear Partners,

Over the past months, I have been so grateful for the incredible work the ACIST team has done, especially in light of such unusual 16 months.

COVID-19 caused disruption in our lives, but it also marks a time of adapting and pushing through many obstacles. We have learned a great deal from this experience: how to work remotely, the importance of communicating often -openly and compassionately- and most of all, what our dedicated, innovative and talented team can achieve even during several lockdowns and disruptions.

Visit to Ewopharma in Bulgaria

On June 26-27 2021, we were happy to partner with our distributor Ewopharma to support the “IX Bulgarian Course for Coronary physiology and physiology of non-coronary vessels” with live cases from Tokuda Hospital Sofia. Ewopharma were a gold sponsor of the course and were strongly engaged in promoting all ACIST technologies with focus on dPR & NAVVUS II.

EuroPCR 2021 – Video Interviews with Dr. Joost Daemen

Watch now! Dr. Daemen interviews at EuroPCR 2021 with clinical updates on the FFR REACT and SPECTRUM trials.

Successful Virtual CVi Training and Installation in Uruguay

A great achievement of BIOSUD, ACIST’s partner in Argentina and Uruguay!  Dealing with virtual training and installation of medical equipment isn’t an easy task but our BIOSUD friends took up the challenge and showed us it is possible and it can be a real success!

New Distributor Announcement – Primus Medical, Ecuador


We are pleased to announce our new distribution partnership for CVi with Primus Medical in Ecuador. 

Distributor Highlight

Just like other countries, the Balkan countries were hit hard by COVID in 2020. Against this backdrop, the accomplishments of Mark Medical have even been more remarkable.

Mark Medical, our long-term distributor for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and since recently also Montenegro, sold 12 CVi systems in 2020 of which 10 directly and 2 through OEMS.

HDi® Advanced IVUS Webinar

With pleasure we announce the second ACIST HDi Advanced IVUS Webinar from Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands on Thursday 22 April, 17:00-18:00 CET.
This workshop event is an interactive educational program that is designed for physicians who want to further develop their intravascular ultrasound skills with a specific focus on step-by-step HDi IVUS Guided PCI using the HDi IVUS HD imaging technology.

Distributor Highlight

The final quarter of 2020 was an exciting time for ACIST in Europe as we unveiled our new long-awaited non-hyperemic index dPR– our adenosine-free predictor of ischemia – which now sits alongside Pd/Pa and FFR on our RXI consoles. We’re receiving great feedback from European customers who have started to use dPR, which is in line with the experience of the one distributor who already had dPR for over a year – Al Umnia, our partner in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).