All new CVi systems that are delivered now come with he new Saline Pump.  The new pump has a more intuitive and reproducible loading mechanism of tubing and a spring loading clamping which eliminates the need for user adjustments to avoid over-clamping or under-clamping.

Similarly, all repairs requiring pump replacement will also receive the new article.

The technical service teams are also informed, and a new service memo has been shared with them including repair instructions. The User Manual has also been updated and we’re working on updating the Quick Guides in all languages and we will share these with you when they become available.

A small note: The new pump has a 1.9 ml / s, so make sure the syringe is completely empty before you start flushing the system during setup to avoid overfilling the syringe in the 10 seconds flush.

For further information: New Saline Pump for ACIST CVi – Instruction Video

 If you have questions:



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