During our Global Sales Meeting in February, we were honored to have two renowned physicians as our guest speakers.

Prof. Dobrin Vassilev, Medical Director at University Cardiology Hospital Medica Core in Ruse, Bulgaria, gave a keynote speech about ‘ACIST Technologies in Complex Cases’


Prof. Antonia Maria Leone, Interventional Cardiologist at Policlinico Universitario A Gemellis IRCCS in Rome, Italy, presented on the ‘Clinical Importance of Physiology for Patient Outcomes and Care’.



Furthermore, we also had Prof. Sebastian Zimmer, Head of Interventional Cardiology at University Hospital Bonn in Germany, present on the ‘State of Interventional Cardiology’ during our Direct Team Sales Meeting that took place the same week.

You can now find the videos of these presentations here https://distributors.acist.com/acist-resources/?resources=453&lang=all

Please note that we have been given permission by the physicians to share these videos internally only.

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