The fourth ACIST HDi Advanced IVUS Webinar from Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands will take place on Thursday 25 November, 17:30-19:00 CET.

This virtual workshop event is an interactive educational program that is designed for physicians who attended the previous ACIST HDi webinar from Erasmus MC and for physicians who have experience with HD IVUS.

The focus in this webinar will be on

• SCAD / Hematoma
• Spasm
• Flushing artifacts
• Attenuated plaque
• Calcium appreciation

The webinar will again be hosted by Joost Daemen, MD, PhD, senior interventional cardiologist, and Jurgen Ligthart and Karen Witberg, percutaneous imaging specialists.

More information and a link to register:

 We are excited about hosting Part 4 of this webinar series and invite you to forward the webinar information to your IVUS customers.

Best regards,

Olivera Kotevska

Clinical Program Manager EMEA



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