Get the Complete Picture: DMC Heart Hospital with Dr Chadi Alraies

Today begins a new chapter in the marketing of the CVi value story!

We are happy to inform you that with the Get the Complete Picture video series, you now have a qualitative, experience-based resource for you all to bring the amazing work you’re doing to life.

The Get the Complete Picture video series is meant to turn the focus entirely on our customers so that they can share their stories and their experiences of working with the CVi and truly bring the Vital Signs process to life. We know for a fact that peer-to-peer “marketing” and conversations are much stickier and create more of a connection than any brochure or digital banner ad can. Thus, the Get the Complete Picture video series was born.

The inaugural episode features the team at DMC Heart Hospital out of Detroit. Dr Alraies and his team have had CVi systems in their hospital for years, and they realized (through persistent conversations with our US sales colleagues) that they had largely forgotten about them. As of earlier this summer, they now have 2 of their devices in Cath labs, full-time, and are working on standardizing the use of the CVi across all labs, with all providers, for all procedures. In the full video and accompanying teaser clips, Dr Alraies, his Cath lab Manager Jason, and resident tech expert Raegan, all share how the CVi makes a difference for them and their patients .. and wouldn’t you know it, they hit on all three pillars of our value story (workflow/efficiency, economic value, and quality metrics).

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEOS and you’ll see for yourself.

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