ACIST WEBINAR – Cases over Coffee : IVUS Guided Bifurcation PCI with ACIST HDi

In this edition of Cases over Coffee, we invite you to delve into the recently released video featuring Prof Joost Daemen (Erasmus MC, the Netherlands): “IVUS Guided Bifurcation PCI with ACIST HDi.”


Our Clinical Program and Training Manager, Olivera Kotevska, will lead this interactive session, offering insights into key aspects of the video, including:

  • The potential limitations and prognostic impact of angiography in presenting crucial anatomical patient information
  • Principles of imaging and the role of HD intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) in lesion assessment and stent placement
  • Features of HDi IVUS
  • Planning strategies related to IVUS-guided measurements in Bifurcation PCI
  • The significance of accurate lesion assessment and optimal stent placement in achieving successful outcomes for patients undergoing PCI procedures
  • Advantages of pre- and post-PCI IVUS measurements
  • Optimal MSA (Minimal Stent Area) after PCI

To watch the video before the webinar:



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