Ultra-Low Contrast Imaging and PCI – Dr Ziad Ali

Article sponsored by ACIST Medical Systems

Written by Dr Ziad Ali, “Ultra-Low Contrast Imaging and PCI” highlights how all three ACIST modalities play a role in allowing physicians to optimize their coronary catheterizations and PCIs while using minimal contrast.

ACIST CVi serves as the foundation of this strategy and HDi and RXi provide real value as well, providing our customers with a full suite of solutions. So with the contrast shortage still affecting some of our customers, this article shows the importance and relevance of reducing contrast. And is yet another tool to help drive the business and continue the amazing success you all have had so far this year. Thanks to Dr Ali for his continued partnership.

You can  find this article on the Distributor Portal (Angiography – Promotional Tools) and here on ACIST’s website https://acist.com/medical-education/
























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