WATCH NOW ON  DEMAND: ACIST RXi® & HDi® Optimizing PCI using FFR and HD-IVUS Webinars

All 4 videos from the 2022 webinar series ‘Optimizing PCI using FFR and HD-IVUS’ from Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam,  are now available on the ACIST website and YouTube channel.

 The Erasmus webinar series is an educational program that was designed for physicians who that want to learn more about using HD IVUS in clinical Practice and is led by senior interventional cardiologist Joost Daemen, MD, PhD and percutaneous imaging specialists Jurgen M.R. Ligthart and Karen Witberg, who all have extensive experience with this technology in their daily clinical practice

It provides an excellent opportunity for physicians who have no or limited experience with using High Definition IVUS and RXi in clinical practice or who would like to expand their experience and area of application. The ACIST Training program is structured from Basic to Advanced in 4 webinars that can be watched as a complete series but also individually.






For more information on previous and upcoming ACIST webinars: Olivera Kotevska,

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